It’s Tuesday Already??

Well, that came fast. But since it’s Tuesday, it’s book review day!

Despite having read hundreds of books in my short lifetime, I couldn’t think of a book to review, so instead, I’m going to review a TV series that I’m totally addicted to: “Tyrant.”

Set in a fictional Middle Eastern country, the first episode begins with a man running. As the story goes on, it appears that the man is the brother of a soon-to-be president in that country. With the date of  his nephew’s wedding approaching, he reluctantly decides to take his wife and two kids to where he grew up. When he gets there, the country is in a state of unrest. This whole TV series is fictional, but it is extremely accurate with what is happening in the Middle East currently. “Tyrant” is a must-see show. The show premiered just a few weeks ago and airs every Tuesday night on a channel called FX. Just a warning, however, it is not for younger kids! I hope you guys and enjoy and if you’d like,  leave a comment and tell me what you think about the show. 🙂 Thanks!

Bess Eats… Octopus

Just so you guys know, I’m in love with Chinese buffets and could live on the food there. Except octopus.

Yesterday, mom and I were in the mood for lunch. So we decided to eat at the local Chinese buffet. As we were piling things onto our plate, mom spots a dish that contains small octopuses and some spices.

I am a vegetarian,  but, upon my mother’s wishes, I tried an octupus.

Biggest mistake of the day.

On the count of three, mom stuck the head of her octopus in her mouth and the leg thingy of mine in my own.
Rubber. Non edible rubber. With just a hint of spicy. I was the first to place it in my napkin politely and take a gulp of my lemonade. I will never eat octopus again…

Thursday’s Top Ten!! …National Junk Food Day??

On my Twitter account (Link:  ), I saw this fantastic trend called “National Junk Food Day.” At first, I thought it was too good to be true and I did some research. I was astounded to find that this holiday with a highly intriguing name was a real holiday! So, on my first EVER “Thursday’s Top Ten List”, I will provide ten of my favorite junk foods. Even though I’m just a little bit late. (National Junk Food Day happened on July 21st this year.) This list will count down from 10 to 1, with 10 being my least favorite and 1 being my absolute all-time favorite. Here goes:


#10. Chocolate. I chose chocolate as item #10 because I’m not a huge fan of it. Only occasionally, (and not always on the obvious occasion), do I actually enjoy chocolate.

#9. Soda. Usually, I don’t drink soda, which is why this makes #9 on my list. I usually just drink lemonade.

#8. Chips. I actually feel bad for this one. Only because I LOVE potato chips. But, to me, there are so many better things out there.

#7. Onion Rings. Mom and I both have problems when we attempt (unsuccessfully) to resist the amazing onion rings from “Dairy Queen,” but as the item above, there are too many better foods…

#6. …like French Fries. Have y’all ever had the french fries from McDonald’s. I don’t go there often, but, when I do, I go just to order their fries…


I’ve made it to the top five!!! 😀


#5. Popcorn. Hand-cranked popcorn is what mom and I make at home whenever we can. It’s perfectly fluffy and salted to perfection.

#4. Brownies. Remember when I said I didn’t like chocolate? Well… when it’s mixed with even MORE sugar and baked, it makes a nice snack.

#3. Ice Cream. Though I don’t eat it often, it’s purely amazing.

#2. Curly Fries. Someone explain to me why these are so special…


*Drumroll please…*


#1 is….

DONUTS. Either iced, glazed, filled, or all three (yes, I said it), they are my all-time favorite junk food. Just don’t use chocolate icing! 😀


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Sometimes I Really Don’t Like Cats

I have an adult, Himalayan (breed), male cat name Snowball. He is five years old. He is also, very, very, spoiled. Which means: whatever Snowball wants, Snowball gets. NOW.

So, the other night I was reading in the bedroom when Snowball enters the room. Here, I have to admit that dad doesn’t even like him on the bed in the first place. *whispers* but we try to be sneaky. Anyways, Snowball jumps on the bed to find me reading my book. Apparently, Snowball doesn’t like this very well because my attention is supposed to be on Him and not the bound stack of paper in my hands. As I read, I see out of the corner of my eye that he is sitting on the bed staring at me very intently. After several minutes of that, he decides that if that doesn’t get my attention, he knows something else will. “Mmeeooww!” I hear, and I lay the book on my stomach, staring at my child equally as intently. Then, I pick up the book and continue to read. This frustrates him even more, so he walks up to me, and places his paw on my arm. Relenting, I close my book, place it beside me, and give Snowball the attention he needs.


I am truly a cat person, which you will find out as I post more and more in this blog, but, sometimes, this nerdy book girl really doesn’t like cats.

Tuesday’s Book Review

I promised myself that, if possible, I would post a book review to my blog EVERY Tuesday. Since this I posted my first post late last night, I figured: I can’t break my promise just yet! So, as promised to myself:

Four years ago, I closed the back cover of one of my favorite books: “The Fault In Our Stars”. (No, that isn’t what’s in Tuesday’s Spotlight, but, still, I believe you readers need a small history lesson on how I came upon this glorious, magnificent, touching story written by this amazing, thoughtful, prodigious author.) This specific book, made me immediately fall in love with the aforementioned author, which made me pursue more of his fantastic pieces of written art. Which, then, led me to the book in our spotlight for the week. “Looking For Alaska.” I do, indeed, have a favorite author besides John Green (who, of which, may come up in several posts in the future), but, his books are absolutely fantastic. Especially this one.

A young boy named Miles lives in Florida. After getting tired of not having many friends, he decides on going to a private school in Alabama, to “find a Great Perhaps” and to make new friends. Chip, a.k.a the Colonel, is a short math geek whom is, by chance, Miles’s roommate (whom renames Miles as “Pudge” later) Alaska, is a small, beautiful young lady, who (like me) reads a lot, smokes (not like me) and has terrible mood swings. Then, there’s Takumi. Takumi is a Japanese boy who, like the others, loves to play pranks. Together, the trio plays pranks, smokes together, hangs together, and sticks together, through thick and thin. Even when things go wrong. And this “wrong” thing, changes everything.


Now, before I go around giving out random spoilers (which I really would do if I could), I should probably stop. Now, if you’re interested, go buy the book and let me know how you like it. I know I did.

Bonjour! And Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! On this blog, you can call me “Book Girl” or “Bess.” Either one is fine with me. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, and I’ve always loved books, so I thought: Hey! What a great idea to blog about my life AND the books I read? Honestly, I probably won’t post regularly. My life outside of this blog is already crazy, therefore, *whispers* you’re going to have to check in with me more often! But, I promise, I’ll try as much as possible.  And, as you’re waiting for another post from me, I’ll be reading books and trying to find interesting things from my not-so-interesting teenage life to blog about. (By the way, my current read: “Four” by Veronica Roth.) So, thank you guys for checking in, and please, come back often! I have tons of time to read, which means plenty of books to share with you. 🙂