Tuesday’s Book Review

I promised myself that, if possible, I would post a book review to my blog EVERY Tuesday. Since this I posted my first post late last night, I figured: I can’t break my promise just yet! So, as promised to myself:

Four years ago, I closed the back cover of one of my favorite books: “The Fault In Our Stars”. (No, that isn’t what’s in Tuesday’s Spotlight, but, still, I believe you readers need a small history lesson on how I came upon this glorious, magnificent, touching story written by this amazing, thoughtful, prodigious author.) This specific book, made me immediately fall in love with the aforementioned author, which made me pursue more of his fantastic pieces of written art. Which, then, led me to the book in our spotlight for the week. “Looking For Alaska.” I do, indeed, have a favorite author besides John Green (who, of which, may come up in several posts in the future), but, his books are absolutely fantastic. Especially this one.

A young boy named Miles lives in Florida. After getting tired of not having many friends, he decides on going to a private school in Alabama, to “find a Great Perhaps” and to make new friends. Chip, a.k.a the Colonel, is a short math geek whom is, by chance, Miles’s roommate (whom renames Miles as “Pudge” later) Alaska, is a small, beautiful young lady, who (like me) reads a lot, smokes (not like me) and has terrible mood swings. Then, there’s Takumi. Takumi is a Japanese boy who, like the others, loves to play pranks. Together, the trio plays pranks, smokes together, hangs together, and sticks together, through thick and thin. Even when things go wrong. And this “wrong” thing, changes everything.


Now, before I go around giving out random spoilers (which I really would do if I could), I should probably stop. Now, if you’re interested, go buy the book and let me know how you like it. I know I did.


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