Thursday’s Top Ten!! …National Junk Food Day??

On my Twitter account (Link:  ), I saw this fantastic trend called “National Junk Food Day.” At first, I thought it was too good to be true and I did some research. I was astounded to find that this holiday with a highly intriguing name was a real holiday! So, on my first EVER “Thursday’s Top Ten List”, I will provide ten of my favorite junk foods. Even though I’m just a little bit late. (National Junk Food Day happened on July 21st this year.) This list will count down from 10 to 1, with 10 being my least favorite and 1 being my absolute all-time favorite. Here goes:


#10. Chocolate. I chose chocolate as item #10 because I’m not a huge fan of it. Only occasionally, (and not always on the obvious occasion), do I actually enjoy chocolate.

#9. Soda. Usually, I don’t drink soda, which is why this makes #9 on my list. I usually just drink lemonade.

#8. Chips. I actually feel bad for this one. Only because I LOVE potato chips. But, to me, there are so many better things out there.

#7. Onion Rings. Mom and I both have problems when we attempt (unsuccessfully) to resist the amazing onion rings from “Dairy Queen,” but as the item above, there are too many better foods…

#6. …like French Fries. Have y’all ever had the french fries from McDonald’s. I don’t go there often, but, when I do, I go just to order their fries…


I’ve made it to the top five!!! 😀


#5. Popcorn. Hand-cranked popcorn is what mom and I make at home whenever we can. It’s perfectly fluffy and salted to perfection.

#4. Brownies. Remember when I said I didn’t like chocolate? Well… when it’s mixed with even MORE sugar and baked, it makes a nice snack.

#3. Ice Cream. Though I don’t eat it often, it’s purely amazing.

#2. Curly Fries. Someone explain to me why these are so special…


*Drumroll please…*


#1 is….

DONUTS. Either iced, glazed, filled, or all three (yes, I said it), they are my all-time favorite junk food. Just don’t use chocolate icing! 😀


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