Bess Eats… Octopus

Just so you guys know, I’m in love with Chinese buffets and could live on the food there. Except octopus.

Yesterday, mom and I were in the mood for lunch. So we decided to eat at the local Chinese buffet. As we were piling things onto our plate, mom spots a dish that contains small octopuses and some spices.

I am a vegetarian,  but, upon my mother’s wishes, I tried an octupus.

Biggest mistake of the day.

On the count of three, mom stuck the head of her octopus in her mouth and the leg thingy of mine in my own.
Rubber. Non edible rubber. With just a hint of spicy. I was the first to place it in my napkin politely and take a gulp of my lemonade. I will never eat octopus again…


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