It’s Tuesday Already??

Well, that came fast. But since it’s Tuesday, it’s book review day!

Despite having read hundreds of books in my short lifetime, I couldn’t think of a book to review, so instead, I’m going to review a TV series that I’m totally addicted to: “Tyrant.”

Set in a fictional Middle Eastern country, the first episode begins with a man running. As the story goes on, it appears that the man is the brother of a soon-to-be president in that country. With the date of  his nephew’s wedding approaching, he reluctantly decides to take his wife and two kids to where he grew up. When he gets there, the country is in a state of unrest. This whole TV series is fictional, but it is extremely accurate with what is happening in the Middle East currently. “Tyrant” is a must-see show. The show premiered just a few weeks ago and airs every Tuesday night on a channel called FX. Just a warning, however, it is not for younger kids! I hope you guys and enjoy and if you’d like,  leave a comment and tell me what you think about the show. šŸ™‚ Thanks!


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