Sold by Patricia McCormick

I literally read this book in one day. ONE DAY and in a time span of four hours. It’s that good of a book.

For this week’s book review, I chose “Sold.” “Sold” is a book narrated by a young girl named Lakshmi from Nepal that lives on a mountainside in poverty. Because of this, her stepfather sells her into prostitution. This story paints an accurate picture of sex slavery that happens all around the world. I seriously suggest you should read it. It’s gripping and magnificent and I don’t have enough strong vocabulary words to describe how amazing this book is. I also love the fact that it’s written in prose. Or it appears to be. The only negative thing about it is that it ends way too quickly. It’s a quick, wonderful read that grips you until the very end. I really hope you read this book. If you already have or if you read it not too far into the future, leave a comment telling me if you liked it and why. Thanks guys! Happy Tuesday!


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