I missed a few top ten posts so I decided to double the number. And since you guys don’t know much about me, here’s 20 random (and maybe weird) facts about me.

20: I’m a Christian.

19: My favorite color is purple.

18: I’m a vegetarian.

17: I’m an introvert.

16: I love photography.

15: I’m a huge fan of Pillars of the Earth and World Without End.

14: Jake Abel is my celebrity crush.

13: I played the saxophone for three months and the quit because I’m tone deaf.

12: If I hadn’t gained so much weight, I would be a dancer.

11: I have several failed novels.

10: My favorite author is Darren Shan. He inspired me to write.

9: Despite all of my other unfinished novels, I’m writing another one.

8: People call me an old soul.

7: I love teen fiction.

6: I treat my cat Snowball like he’s my own son.

5: Rock is my favorite music genre.

4: I don’t care how much you want to argue, buttercream icing is so much better than cream cheese.

3: I only like Thanksgiving if there is pecan pie.

2: I’m a klutz.

1: My friends and I always make jokes about cheerleaders, but I used to be a preppy girl. But then I discovered good music and books.

Some of these are extremely lame, I know, but those are 20 of the many things about me. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please like and follow! Thanks!


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