Reasons Why I Like Books (And You Should, Too!)

Everyone knows I love reading (hence the name of the blog). So, for this week’s top ten post (a day late, I know!), I decided to come up with ten reasons I love reading. And why you should,too!

10. You learn things. Even if you only read fiction material like me, you still always learn something. Whether it’s the moral of the story, a new vocabulary word, increasing your reading comprehension, or what to do when a dome falls over your head (get? Haha!), you always learn something through reading. And if you’re an auditorial learner, then listen to an audio book, it’s almost the same thing. 😉

9. If you have a book in your face, people usually leave you alone. If you’re an introvert like me, sometimes you just don’t want to mess with anybody. And when you have your nose stuck in a book, people tend to not mess with you.

8. Reading is probably the best form of entertainment. Okay, it is definitely the best form of entertainment.

7. It prevents Alzheimer’s and improves memory. Studies show that reading improves your memory and can lead to preventing Alzheimer’s. How? I have no clue, but it’s a fact!

6. Reading is a stress reducer. Stressed or loaded down with work? Pick up a book. It takes you away from it all.

5. It makes you a better writer. If you’re interested in writing a novel? How about reading a novel first? Or several. Reading helps your mind open up to ideas so you can write.

4. Improves your focus.

3. Having trouble sleeping? Reading helps you sleep better.

2. Reading helps your creative juices flow. Having a bad case if writer’s block or can’t think of where to start your art piece? Read a book!

1. It’s just plain fun! If you don’t like reading, I promise you: you just haven’t found the right book. And once you get hooked, you’ll never be normal again and you’ll forever be a book nerd. (Which isn’t so bad!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you did like, comment, and follow. (I may even follow you back!)


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