My Favorite Short Story

It’s very rare that I ever read short stories. I typically stick to novels. But there is one that is my absolute favorite by far.

The only way I was exposed to this story was last year in my Language Arts class. I loved that teacher because she gave us the best reading materials.

One of these reading materials included a wonderful short story written by Ray Bradbury titled “There Will Come Soft Rains.”

This short story captivated me. It took place around August 26, 2020, about six years and three days from now. Why did it captivate me? Because the technological devices that were in this short story either exists today or on their way to existence. And this short story was written in the 80’s.

The plot was based in the future, where bacon fried itself, tables set themselves, and robot mice cleaned the kitchens. But the house was abandoned.

Seriously, I recommend this story. It’s my favorite and if you like science fiction or dystopian fiction, check it out!


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