The Shack


So lately, I’ve been experiencing the writer’s nightmare: writer’s block. When deciding on what to post (because I know I had to do something at some point), I decided to review a book that I’ve read years ago.

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young is another one of those amazing, beautiful, inspiring books that usually teaches you a thing or two. After reading it, you tend to look at life a little differently.

With this book, it was just that.

It starts with a man, who, after the kidnap and murder of his daughter, he doesn’t believe in God. A few months after his daughter is murdered, he receives a note in the mail from “Papa” (his wife’s name for God) telling the main character to meet Him at the shack where the girl was murdered.

Now, if you’re a practicing Christian, you don’t say no to God. So, MacKenzie goes to the shack…

Where you’ll find out what makes this book so special.

This is a book you absolutely have to read. And if you do or already have, leave a comment and tell me how it was. 🙂 Take care, everyone!

The Brightest Witch of Her Age

Even though the Harry Potter stage of her life will always follow her, Emma Watson has moved on to wonderful, amazing new things. One of those things includes starting a new campaign called He For She.

A few days ago, Watson stood in front of lots of people in Uruguay to talk about this new campaign in front of thousands of people. Towards the end of her speech,  she asked, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Honestly, five minutes into the speech I was already crying. This speech is deeply moving as she talks about gender equality and her experience with it and why she came to fight for gender equality.

It took a lot of guts to speak like that in front of so many people about what society has now deemed a “touchy” topic. Only, gender equality, no matter if it’s uncomfortable or not, needs to be addressed. NOW. And even though she’s past Harry Potter and has quit playing the role of Hermione Granger, Emma Watson will remain as the brightest witch of her age. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who agrees.

The Replacement


When it comes to reading, I read all the genres I can. But, I do have a favorite, actually. And yes, it’s horror.

As mentioned in another post, my addiction to the genre of horror began with Darren Shan, who inspired me to write. But lately, I’ve been going through withdrawal and finally picked up “The Replacement” by Brenna Yovanoff.

Am I happy I did? Heck yeah!

This book was set in a town called Gentry where they depend on an underground society (unknown to some or most people) for them to thrive. Every seven years a child in taken from their home, and replaced with a “castoff” or young child from this unnamed society below ground and becomes sacrificed.Usually, the castoffs end up dying in the mortal world, but Mackie Doyle didn’t. When Halloween arrives, Mackie Doyle ends up discovering where he’s from. That’s when things get crazy.

This book was really good. Amazing, in fact. But it wasn’t as creepy as I expected. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It flowed nicely and I had this deep attachment to the characters. I do recommend this book, and, if you’ve read it, comment and let me know if you liked it. Also, if you liked this review and want more, don’t forget to follow. I may even follow back!

Start Reading To Children!


I was very lucky when it came time for me to be introduced to books. Actually, my time came earlier than most little children. I wasn’t even a year old when my mom began to read to me aloud. Then that soon led to teaching me how to read.

And boy did I enjoy it! In fact, it only made me addicted to the reading drug, and I’ve continued to read ever since.

But, my friends, they always ask me how I am able to read so much, and I always wonder, why don’t they read? So I did some research on how reading to children at a young age impacts their reading as a young adult. This is what I found:

Reading to children 6-7 nights a week has the equivalent of a child being 12 months older.

Promotes success in school.

Promotes communication and lengthens attention span.

Builds listening skills and imagination.

And then the last…

Reading to children at a young age shows children that reading is fun and soon reading will be pleasurable to him or her.

These five facts and more are very good reasons why you should read to your children at an early age. And when I say there are more reasons, don’t take that lightly. There are tons of reasons why reading to children at a young age is a wonderful idea. So, do your children a favor and show him or her how much fun reading can be. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Scrawl: A Book That Makes You Smile


The title pretty much says all about this amazing book. Scrawl was written by Mark Schulman in the point of view of Tod Munn, the school bully. But don’t worry, this bully has a story. A good one. So good, the school counselor believes he should become a writer.

After Tod and his friends get caught vandalizing the school, he is placed in detention where he is supposed to write about his story in a small journal. In this book, you finally learn what makes a bully: jealousy, or his own personal problems?

Seriously, for a book meant for middle school students, this book is absolutely awesome. I definitely recommend it. And as I wrote above, it definitely will put a smile on your face. READ IT. And if you enjoy it, tell me about and follow me! Thanks guys!



I’m sure I’m not totally alone when it comes to author crushes, and I have several. But there is one, in specific, that I adore.

Ellen Hopkins is one of the best teen fiction authors out there. Yes, she holds a spot in my heart. As well as her books. And the characters in them.

Just recently, I began and finished one of the books that I had left before completed all of the novels she had written. This book was titled “Identical” and it was one of the best books that I’ve read.

But then what book isn’t amazing?

When I looked at the title, I automatically thought “twins”, and I was pretty close, if not exact. The problem is: there is no way for me to give you, my fellow readers, an ideas about what the book is about without spoiling it. Only because the plot twist makes every small thing that Hopkins led you to believe, becomes false. Okay. Yep. I have already said too much…

So read the book! You won’t regret it. It’s just another book worth your time, and the time taken to read the book, despite the thickness, will be short. The prose (the way she writes makes the book actually shorter) and the fast-paced plot makes you want to never put it down. And for teens, it’s quite relate able to the struggles in a teenager’s life.

Like I said: read this book. You won’t regret it. But then, would I ever recommend books that weren’t worth it? If I did, then what’s the point? read it. Also, if you liked this post like it and follow me for more! …I may even follow you back.

The Kite Runner: Review

download (2)

A few years ago, this book was recommended to me by a teacher of mine, and it took me years to find it.

When I finally found it at the county library, I rejoiced and picked up the book immediately. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. Hands down.

Set in Kabul, Afghanistan, it begins when two boys, a boy and his Hazara servant, Amir and Hassan, become friends. But as the Russians invade, the two boys, who were once inseparable, are broken apart, and soon thousands of miles apart.

When I first read the reviews, I was shocked at how such a good book could have any low opinions. Me? I’d rate it 5 stars. It’s magnificently written and the plot never slows down. In fact, it even sped up a few times.

Do I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY! You should definitely read it and it’s also definitely worth the time. Seriously, guys, you should read it! It won’t disappoint you!

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Top Ten Thursday: Character Edition

What I usually had in mind when today came was my top ten favorite book quotes, but as I sat down on my couch and pulled out my tablet, I thought of something better.

As readers, we tend to fall in love easily. Not with people. But with characters. Fictional characters. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m extremely guilty. And I’m not afraid to admit it.

So as I prepare to write this post, I think about all of my favorite characters, and I picked ten:

10) Four: Tobias Eaton (or Four) is an amazing guy. He’s funny, smart, sensitive, and (I know you can’t argue with this point) gorgeous. But (hehe…you saw that one coming, didn’t you?), he can’t be my favorite, and read on and I’ll show you why.

9) Jace: If you haven’t read The City Of Bones, you need to! Jace is the best character. I’m not saying anymore because I can’t. He’s that awesome.

8) Hermione Granger: Trust me, this isn’t the only Harry Potter character that will be mentioned on this list. But I love Hermione. Throughout the series, she reminded me of me a little bit…

7) Alaska Young: I love this character (from Looking For Alaska) and her rebellious nature. She’s amazing. Absolutely amazing.

6) Peeta Mellark: I think the name just says it all…

5) Johanna Anglicus: Pope Joan is the best book I’ve ever read. It’s beautiful and amazing and one of the best books I’ve ever read. I love Johanna because she’s such a strong, persistent young lady that isn’t afraid to work hard to get what she wants.

4) Pattyn: If you’re a fan of Ellen Hopkins like me, then you have most likely read this book. Pattyn is one of my favorite females in teen fiction. Why? Because just like Johanna (above), she’s not afraid to fight for what she wants.

3) Augustus Waters: I’m not sure I even have to say anything except for this: if only all men could at least have the heart like him.

2) Luke Castellan: Okay, guys. Agree or not, he’s amazing. I don’t care if he’s a villain, or was a villain, in the end, he was good. And he had the right intentions… If only he had thought of a better way…

1) Severus Snape: Yeah. That’s right. I have a slight fan crush on Professor Snape. Just like Luke, he had a huge heart. And… Well… I don’t even know why I love him. But I do.

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Under The Dome


Hey guys! So… The reason why I’ve missed a few review days is because of this book: “Under the Dome” by Stephen King. Despite what people have told me, I chose this book to be my first Stephen King read, and it certainly wasn’t what I expected.

What I’ve heard about Stephen King is that he typically scares the crap (excuse moi for the French) out of his readers. I actually looked forward to that. But guess what! It didn’t happen.

In case none of you guys have heard about the show or the book, the book is about a town named Chester’s Mill where the citizens are trapped. By a large, invisible dome.

I enjoyed the book, I truly did, but it didn’t freak me out and sometimes the plot slowed quite considerably. So overall, the book was good and I’m sure I’ll read another book by the same author to see if really does write like that.

So thank you guys for reading this review and if you enjoy it, don’t forget to follow me and… I may even follow back!