I’m sure I’m not totally alone when it comes to author crushes, and I have several. But there is one, in specific, that I adore.

Ellen Hopkins is one of the best teen fiction authors out there. Yes, she holds a spot in my heart. As well as her books. And the characters in them.

Just recently, I began and finished one of the books that I had left before completed all of the novels she had written. This book was titled “Identical” and it was one of the best books that I’ve read.

But then what book isn’t amazing?

When I looked at the title, I automatically thought “twins”, and I was pretty close, if not exact. The problem is: there is no way for me to give you, my fellow readers, an ideas about what the book is about without spoiling it. Only because the plot twist makes every small thing that Hopkins led you to believe, becomes false. Okay. Yep. I have already said too much…

So read the book! You won’t regret it. It’s just another book worth your time, and the time taken to read the book, despite the thickness, will be short. The prose (the way she writes makes the book actually shorter) and the fast-paced plot makes you want to never put it down. And for teens, it’s quite relate able to the struggles in a teenager’s life.

Like I said: read this book. You won’t regret it. But then, would I ever recommend books that weren’t worth it? If I did, then what’s the point? read it. Also, if you liked this post like it and follow me for more! …I may even follow you back.


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