Start Reading To Children!


I was very lucky when it came time for me to be introduced to books. Actually, my time came earlier than most little children. I wasn’t even a year old when my mom began to read to me aloud. Then that soon led to teaching me how to read.

And boy did I enjoy it! In fact, it only made me addicted to the reading drug, and I’ve continued to read ever since.

But, my friends, they always ask me how I am able to read so much, and I always wonder, why don’t they read? So I did some research on how reading to children at a young age impacts their reading as a young adult. This is what I found:

Reading to children 6-7 nights a week has the equivalent of a child being 12 months older.

Promotes success in school.

Promotes communication and lengthens attention span.

Builds listening skills and imagination.

And then the last…

Reading to children at a young age shows children that reading is fun and soon reading will be pleasurable to him or her.

These five facts and more are very good reasons why you should read to your children at an early age. And when I say there are more reasons, don’t take that lightly. There are tons of reasons why reading to children at a young age is a wonderful idea. So, do your children a favor and show him or her how much fun reading can be. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂


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