The Replacement


When it comes to reading, I read all the genres I can. But, I do have a favorite, actually. And yes, it’s horror.

As mentioned in another post, my addiction to the genre of horror began with Darren Shan, who inspired me to write. But lately, I’ve been going through withdrawal and finally picked up “The Replacement” by Brenna Yovanoff.

Am I happy I did? Heck yeah!

This book was set in a town called Gentry where they depend on an underground society (unknown to some or most people) for them to thrive. Every seven years a child in taken from their home, and replaced with a “castoff” or young child from this unnamed society below ground and becomes sacrificed.Usually, the castoffs end up dying in the mortal world, but Mackie Doyle didn’t. When Halloween arrives, Mackie Doyle ends up discovering where he’s from. That’s when things get crazy.

This book was really good. Amazing, in fact. But it wasn’t as creepy as I expected. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It flowed nicely and I had this deep attachment to the characters. I do recommend this book, and, if you’ve read it, comment and let me know if you liked it. Also, if you liked this review and want more, don’t forget to follow. I may even follow back!


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