The Shack


So lately, I’ve been experiencing the writer’s nightmare: writer’s block. When deciding on what to post (because I know I had to do something at some point), I decided to review a book that I’ve read years ago.

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young is another one of those amazing, beautiful, inspiring books that usually teaches you a thing or two. After reading it, you tend to look at life a little differently.

With this book, it was just that.

It starts with a man, who, after the kidnap and murder of his daughter, he doesn’t believe in God. A few months after his daughter is murdered, he receives a note in the mail from “Papa” (his wife’s name for God) telling the main character to meet Him at the shack where the girl was murdered.

Now, if you’re a practicing Christian, you don’t say no to God. So, MacKenzie goes to the shack…

Where you’ll find out what makes this book so special.

This is a book you absolutely have to read. And if you do or already have, leave a comment and tell me how it was. 🙂 Take care, everyone!


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