You know you’re a book nerd if…

I’m sure, as book nerds, we usually get labeled with that exact title. But, how do we know if we’re book nerds of not? I mean, come on! What is a book nerd? To answer to this question, I dug into my extremely nerdy mind, asked some friends, consulted with my mother (yeah, you read that right), and finally came up with a few things to help you know you’re a book nerd. Enjoy!


You know you’re a book nerd if…



  1. Your friends and family only give you books for your birthday
  2. No matter how many times you read the book or series, you go to the book store to buy it anyway because, hey, it looks great sitting there on your bookshelf… right?
  3. Your Christmas wishlist is filled with book titles
  4. You just can’t stop reading!
  5. Your friends just end up giving you a Barnes & Noble gift card because they know you read too much
  6. Every time you go to the movies you whisper the differences between the book and movie in your friend’s ear
  7. Your local public library is like your second home
  8. You’ve already read the book that you’re reading in your English class
  9. You can recite lines from your favorite books
  10. You can’t go anywhere without a book in your hand


I hope most of these (or all) are relateable. If they are, well, guess what: You’re a book nerd! Also, if you enjoyed any of these, and are indeed a book nerd, why don’t you like this post and follow me for more!

Until next time, nerds!


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