Etched On Me: Review

One if the biggest things I love about books is the lessons you can learn from them. Whether they’re just interesting facts, or valuable lessons instrumental to your daily life, you usually learn something.

I just recently read “Etched On Me” by Jenn Crowell, and, let me tell you: you definitely learn something in this book. The book is literally a roller coaster, making you laugh and cry and get angry. It’s amazing. It’s tragic. It’s beautiful. It’s full of surprises and suspense. It’s flawless. Oh, and I might as well fess up now: it’s tear-jerking.


From a victim of sexual abuse, to self-harmer, to PTSD, and the struggle to save her child, this book is the story about survival, the fight for happiness, and struggle for sanity. Jenn Crowell does an amazing job with this story.  From page one you’re hooked, refusing to put the novel down for any reason, until you’ve cried your last tear and turned the last page.

I don’t just recommend this book, I beg you to read it.

If you already have, comment below and tell me your thoughts. If you want more reviews, and book – related posts, follow me. …I may even follow back.


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