I Am The Messenger: Book Review

So, finally, after all this holiday craziness, I finally got to sit down and read. I couldn’t have picked a better book to end the year with.


In “I Am The Messenger” by Markus Zusak, Ed Kennedy is an underage taxi driver who honestly has no plans for his life. And he’s okay with that. Yet, when he prevents a bank robbery right in his hometown, things change. Soon, Ed Kennedy begins to get these “messages” which are more like riddles on the Aces of ordinary playing cards. Throughout this book, Ed goes through an Ace of each of the four suits in a card deck, and as he does so, he learns an important lesson: even the smallest thing can impact a person’s life.


I officially have a new favorite book, and here’s several reasons why:


1) Markus Zusak teaches us one of the most important life lessons and the most subtle way possible.

2) The language of this book and the way it was written is just fantastic.

3) From the first page, you’re literally swept away by the beauty of the writing and the really strange but awesome plot.

4) This book is basically some kind of therapeutic experience mixed in with this crazy emotional roller coaster that totally can remind you of the mood swings of a teenage girl.emotions-46863

5) The plot kind of reminds you of Charlie’s Angels, but with a guy and it’s less… you know… provocative.


But, to be honest, nerds, if you want to really know the reason why I love this book so much, pick it up and read it. It’s worth it.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Any book suggestions, go ahead and comment. Have a great New Year’s nerds!


Oh… and happy reading! 😉




A Reader’s Dilemma: Selecting Which Book To Read

To most, selecting the next book to read is like the worst struggle ever. You’re literally sit in front of your bookshelf in total despair for hours while trying to decide which one, out of the hundreds in front of your face, you want to pick. I know how the battle goes, but I have conquered it. So, to help you wonderful nerds figure out which book out of the hundreds on your shelf you’re going to read next, here’s a few tips:



1) Go in the order of how you bought them. Most of the time, when I’m picking a book off my shelf to read, I pick either a book I just recently bought, or one of those books that’s sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Either way, I win.

2) Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe. How about just tapping into your childhood memories? This way, you don’t have to make that arduous decision. Just go by chance.

3) Leave it to mom. Remember when you were that kid that couldn’t make decisions easily and your parents used to threaten to make the decisions themselves? Well, in this case, it comes extremely handy. Just hand two books to mom and tell her to choose one. It works. I promise!

4) Just buy a new one.  No, your bookshelf may not be necessarily empty, but, hey, you were going to run out of books at some point in your life, right?

5) Just pick it up. If your family is like mine, spending tons of money buying you the books you already have, and refuse to buy you any more, then, just pick one off your shelf. Yeah, you may regret it about halfway through, but at least life can now go on.


To all my lovely fellow readers out there, I hope these tips help. If not, I’m sorry, and good luck. The war is tough, but you’ll survive. I have faith in you. However, if there are any other tips you have, comment.


Happy reading!