In The Land Of Blue Burqas

After turning the last page, I can’t even tell you about the smile that this book had placed on my face.

Kate McCord has spent five years in Afghanistan, working with an NGO (non-government organization). During these five years she conversed with the Afghan people, laughed with the Afghan people, helped them, and learned to love them. In this book,  she shares the stories she’s heard with us, in her attempt to show us the way Afghans live and how we can impact their lives.

As I read this book, I learned so much about Middle Eastern Culture and how their religion impacts their culture. I also learned how much Jesus impacted the world He lived in.

I was so inspired as I read this book. I cannot truly tell you how much it affected my spirituality and helped me become a better Christian. I couldn’t have began the year with a better book.

The only problem I had with this book was that it was repetitive. It repeated several facts and stories throughout the novel. However, it barely affected my overall feeling about this book.

This book was truly amazing and is definitely educational. Therefore, I recommend this book to everyone.

If you’ve already read this book, leave a comment below because I would love to know what you think.

Happy reading!