How To Kill…

…a fictional character.

(Haha, got you, didn’t I?)


Don’t you hate when you read a wonderful novel by this magnificent author and this “magnificent” author kills that person (character) that you just love so much? Yeah, me too.

Well, today, I’m going to show you how it done, so that when you spot these signs of trouble in your book, you can avoid having your heart broken by a small stack of paper binded together. Yes, book nerds, I have found a cure to the illness of heart-breakage by books.


How to kill a fictional character:

1.) Create a gripping and fantastic storyline that hooks your reader.

2.) Then, introduce your main characters in a way that the reader cannot help but fall endlessly in love with them. ♥

3.) Now you need a conflict. This conflict needs to be super intense, so that the reader can now be truly engrossed into the story. This is the bait.

4.) In step four, the conflict needs to become even more intense, by adding small little bits of obstacles in the paths of your characters.

5.) Gather all of your characters and make sure that before you “off” this particular character, a love story ensues. That just makes everything better.

6.) Finally, the time has come to kill your character. Carefully choose the timing of the death. If it’s too soon, it fails. If it’s too late, it fails. Make sure you perfectly time this death, so that you can truly hurt that reader in the feels. Now… KILL.




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  1. Hey guys! I hope you all enjoyed this post. I definitely enjoyed writing it! 😀 thank you everyone for reading and for your support. Don’t forget to follow! …and maybe I’ll follow back. Happy reading!


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