So, for the last several months, I’ve only been posting every now and then. For that, I apologize (because I know that you lovely nerds have missed my awesomness). It’s seriously been a loooonnnggg school year filled with work, stress, and growth. I guess today I just wanted to give you guys a little update on how I’m doing (great, thanks for asking) and what’s been up with me lately (because y’all know I’m a conceited little nerd).

First, I’ve changed. Now that I’ve been through the most excruciating three years of my life (middle school, and yes, I’m that young), my life has significantly changed, for the better. I’m happier, more optimistic, and care-free. This year I’ve had my ups and downs, but they’ve all resulted in a magnificent and wonderful change in me:


Now, I know you guys are probably now asking my secret to happiness. To this question, I’ll answer: I honestly don’t know. You see, people every day claim that happiness is something a person has to choose. It seems like everything today are “choices” and not things that we, as mere humans, really can’t help. For example, I didn’t know how to force myself to be happy. Trust me, I wish I could, or I would have done it a long time ago. But I didn’t. Why? Because I can’t.

This year I’ve grown so much, in maturity, in knowledge, and in my perspective of this complex world. Today, I view the world so differently than before. I view it as a vast expanse of area that we should explore. I’ve heard so many times that the reason why the Earth was given to us was to explore it, and if we chose not to, we weren’t doing our job. I’ve also grown smarter. Not in academic things, but in knowledge of the world and my place in it. Through all that I’ve experienced and gone through this year, I’ve realized how my small soul fits into this world, and how I hope to impact the future of this world.

I hope you guys can understand where I’m coming from. I’m sure you nerds remember what it was like to be a teenager once. From ages fourteen to twenty, teens like me really are curious about their purpose in the world, even if they really don’t let on about it. After all, they think their alone in the battle of find self-worth and purpose. But they’re not alone. Everyone does it at least once in their life. If not during their teenage years, then later on. Still, we all do it, we just don’t have enough guts to admit it.

To be honest, I haven’t written like this in a while, but I hope that you guys reading this kind of understand why I haven’t been active as much lately. Life has just been a jumbled up mess (because that’s pretty much what life is) and I just needed time to face it head on and at least attempt to figure it out. Even though I haven’t just yet (and probably never will because it’s so crazy), I at least have some idea of how it goes and how I fit in the timeline. With this, I’m going to sign off you little lovely nerds, and hopefully now that I’ve had some time to think and ponder about the things teens usually ponder about, I’ll definitely be more active. After all, if I didn’t, y’all know you’d miss me.

Happy reading!!! 😀 xoxoxo


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