11 Things Book Nerds Go Through Everyday

Hey nerds! Hope y’all are doing great! Me? Just dandy!

Reading for nerds (especially book nerds, of course) is like the highlight of one’s day. I mean, what’s better than coming home from a long day of school or work and just picking up a book and reading for about nine hours? Absolutely nothing. Still, reading can come at a price. So, for you people who don’t know exactly what readers go through, here’s 11 struggles that readers go through almost. every. single. day. 

1- People who say you read to much 


2- “Why do you read? Books are boooring.” 

200_s (1)

3- People spoiling the end of the book 


4- Finding out your new best friend doesn’t read


5- Deciding which book to read next 


6- “Just one more chapter, I promise” 


7- Making a book reference that unfortunately no one gets (oh, and they look at you weird while they’re at it)

079bb8b7884ec9a00a987d438c4fea97 (1)

8- “Ugh, I’d rather be reading.” 


9- When the character you shipped with another character gets involved with a character you don’t like


10- When a book makes you cry… and you’re in public 


11- “Hey, how’s the book you’re reading?” 


Happy reading! xoxoxo


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