Blind Date With A Book #3!

When I found out that I won this book from Goodreads, I was thrilled. I had such high hopes for this book and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Let me just say:

It did NOT disappoint. Crenshaw_Final

Crenshaw is a novel by Katherine Applegate, set in modern-day. It’s about a young boy (about eleven years old) and his family who’ve fallen on hard times financially. Crenshaw, a cat, and Jackson’s imaginary friend, comes back into Jackson’s life to help out.

This book honestly is just magical. Absolutely magical. I read this book in three hours and I don’t regret it. AT. ALL. It’s extremely charming and has a great meaning behind it. My favorite thing about this book was really just how it portrayed the child’s view in all of this. It kind of brought back a sense of the child’s innocence and showed how hard it is to be a kid – especially a kid in a situation similar to Jackson’s.

Crenshaw was just a very well written book about being a kid and having to learn how to survive through hard times. It shows how friends always matter and are important. It shows that sometimes it’s best to just be honest with people about what’s wrong. Most importantly, it shows how hard life is and how if you and the people you love stick together, you can always survive.

 My rating: five-stars-rating

Nerds,  I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone out there that needs a good book to read. I know, I know, it’s not YA and it may seem like a book for kids, but it’s worth it. Seriously.

If any of you lovely nerds have read this book, definitely leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’m curious as to what you guys think of it.

Happy reading!! xoxoxo

The 5 Symptoms of Binge Reading

We’ve all been there.

Staying up all night just to finish “this chapter” or just to finish the book in general. Going through a good 5 or 6 books in a week. Sleeping all day after a two-week-long binge reading episode because we haven’t slept in only God knows how long.

We’ve all been there. 

There’s no cure, no way to ease the pain. The best thing to do is just ride the waves and let it all play out. But, what is binge reading?


Yet, when book nerds refer to binge reading, it usually goes like this:


How do you know you’re having a binge reading episode?

Welp,  if you’re asking me, you’ve come to the right place.

Symptom #1: You haven’t slept in days. 

As a fellow binge reader, I totally understand the whole: “‘I need to finish this chapter before I fall asleep’ and then waking up on the floor 5 o’clock the next day with your book on the floor next to you'” thing. It happens.


Symptom #2: You haven’t stepped out of your room in a week. (Or longer.)  

Book nerds need two things to survive:

  1. Food
  2. Books

No people, no technology. Just those two things and we’re good. No joke. rapunzel-books

Symptom #3: Yet, despite the need to survive, you can’t remember the last time you even SAW food. 

I mean, who needs food anyway, right?


Symptom #4: Although, when you did eat, you gulped it down so you could go back to reading. 


Symptom #5: Your family is highly concerned about your health. 



do you guys show any of these symptoms?

(By the way, nerds, add me on Goodreads here!)

Happy reading!! xoxo

Blind Date With A Book #2!

Jack Sommers just disappeared with eighty-eight million dollars.

That’s how this novel begins. Honestly, I was shocked. From looking at the title page when I first received this novel, it looked more like a WW2 novel. Yet, as the plot unraveled, it all made sense.


Alina and Jack Sommers lived in Chicago with their dear daughter Sophie. After the mysterious death of Alina, her parents make a plan to kidnap Sophie and take her to their home in Palestine. In order to save his daughter, Sommers decides to take part in an embezzlement plot, stealing eighty-eight million dollars from his employee. This book follows Sommers and his fight to rescue his daughter and fix the mess he made.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was fun and entertaining and had a great idea behind it. I also really enjoyed how it ended on such a ___________ note. (You thought I was going to spoil it, didn’t you? Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you.) Still, when it comes to the writing style and the pace, it fell a little flat for me. I honestly felt like the pace could have picked up a little bit. Also, the writing wasn’t as good as I have witnessed before, and it made the novel a little less enjoyable than I expected. 

Overall, though, I consider this book to be really good and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a book with a love for action and has a good interest in current-day issues.

My rating: 4stars

I got this as a win from Goodreads but this book just released today! Go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy reading!! xoxoxo

August Book Wrap-Up!

Hey nerds! August is now past us and so I guess it’s time for a book wrap-up! In August, I read eight books. (Yes, you read that right.) Let’s just say that August was a good month for me. It was a great month for reading, laughter, and of course, tears. Overall I got a lot of reading done before school and life picked back up. Let’s get started shall we?

Books I Read Last Month: 

World Crash by Michael R. Worthington

Fall Of Giants by Ken Follett

The Woman In The Photograph by Dana Gynther

Paper Towns by John Green

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Every Day by David Levithan

Across Dreamlands by Lara Hassan

World Crash by Michael R. Worthington 

I won this book through Goodreads First Reads last month and I featured it as my first “Blind Date With A Book” (More coming soon!). I didn’t really like this book and it was kind of a let down for me. The ideasdownload
behind it were great. I could tell that Worthington put a good deal of thought into creating this novel, but it just didn’t do for me as other books I’ve read in the past have. This books begins as Sarah wakes up in the hospital and finds that an alien spacecraft is orbiting Earth, and has sent a cyber-virus and broke down the Internet and electricity. In this book, Sarah works with the government to try to fight the aliens and save Earth. As said before, the read isn’t that great, but the ideas are definitely there.

My rating:


Fall of Giants by Ken Follett


Fall of Giants blew me away in this fantastic historical fiction novel. It was mind-blowingly amazing as it took me back in time to World War I. In this novel, Ken Follett created vivid pictures of the issues just a few years before the war, during the war, and post-war. It’s a great book, and I absolutely recommend for my history-loving book nerds to read it!

My rating: five-stars-rating

The Woman In the Photograph by Dana Gynther

This is another book that I won through Goodreads First Reads. the-woman-in-the-photograph-9781476731957_hr

I loved this book. It was gripping and definitely kept me hooked. I loved the pace and setting. The only problem I have with this book was that you kind of have to have some background in the French language (which, luckily, I have) in order to understand some of it. Still, the language wasn’t used very often so you could still understand what was going on.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes romance or art. This was a wonderful book and I enjoyed it immensely.

My rating: 4stars

Paper Towns by John Green51hgkNew+XL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

I think after you read my book review on this book (here), you nerds know how I felt about this book. If you didn’t, I’m getting ready to tell you.

Paper Towns was magical, in every sense of the term. It really helped me view life differently and really try to find out more about the people who are around me. I absolutely adored this book. I recommend this book to anyone, whether you like romance novels, YA, or the classics, this is a book for everyone to read. The world would definitely be a different place if they did.

My rating: five-stars-rating

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

download (3)

I felt like this book was a pretty good book. This book disappointed me, though, until about chapter 35. Then things got interesting. Still, it was a really good book and I do recommend it to anyone who really enjoys dystopian fiction
or sci-fi.

My rating: 4stars

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

I’m pretty sure you guys have read my review on that by now. If you haven’t, check it out. A_Thousand_Splendid_Suns

“A Thousand Splendid Suns” is a beautiful book. It’s inspiring and amazing. However, I rate it four stars because I honestly wished that it had a bit more. As said earlier, this book definitely disappointed me at first. The characters were a little complex, though I’m sure that without their complexity, the impact of this book wouldn’t be as great. Even though that was the case, the question of, “What is Khaled planning now?” honestly pushed me to read more to answer my question.

I do recommend this book to anyone who really enjoys a complex story line and though-provoking endings. But be aware guys, THIS ONE’S A TEAR-JERKER. I suggest setting a box of Kleenex next to you as you read the last chapter.

My rating: 

Every Day by David Levithan


This book actually wasn’t my favorite. I liked it, yes. Still, there was just something about it that kind of turned me off. I think one of the reasons was how fast the main character fell in love with Raven. I know, it sounds silly, I like romance, but how it was timed really threw me off. However, it was still a great book.

My rating: download

Across Dreamlands by Lara Hassan

I won this book from Goodreads First Reads…

…and I loved it. This book is full of poetry. Poetry about love, life, sadness, darkness, and prevailing through dark times. It’s painfully beautiful in a way that I can’t describe. I loved this book with a passion and I recommend it to any hopeless romantics, romantics, or people who just love poetry in general.

My rating:4stars

So August is a wrap! I read such a great variety of books this month and I regret nothing! If you nerds have read any of these books or plan on reading them, feel free to comment below and tell me some of your thoughts.

Happy reading! xoxoxo