Faking Normal: A Review


I stayed up until 2:36Am to finish this book and I don’t regret it.

I use the phrase “painfully beautiful” a lot. I guess I’m pretty lucky when it comes to the books I read. Almost all of them are absolutely fantastic. But this one… oh my gosh.15726915

Alexi has a secret, and she will tell no one. However, when Bodee, a.k.a. the “Kool-Aid kid” moves into her house after the death of his mom, things change for the both of them.

My heart hurts for Alexi, but it’s also swelled with love for her as well. I feel like this novel has such a strong message and I’ll never be able to shake it away from me. It’s one of those “feel good” books, that leave you smiling and squealing at the end, but it shows rape in one of its many forms (although, there’s only one definition), raw. It’s not romanticized, it’s shown how it is. I love that about this novel.

I cried through a lot of this. I’ll probably cry after I write this. I smiled. I laughed. I’m giving this novel 5 stars because it deserves it. Truthfully, it’s one of the best books I’ve read yet, and I’m glad I picked it up. I actually heard about it in the book club at my school, and although they spoiled it for me, I tried so hard to forget it so I could read this. I’m so glad I did. Yet, I’m so upset that I had to wait.

Ugh. You nerds have to read this. I’m totally heartbroken yet happy. I don’t even know how to explain it. I’m not even going to try. Just read this, okay? You’re not going to be disappointed. It’s too perfect to pass up.

My rating: wpid-images.png


The only problem I may have had with this book is the fact that I’d love to know what happened to Alexi after the end. Still, this book is fantastic and I definitely recommend it. Just make sure you keep some tissues nearby.

If you nerds have read this book, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about it. I’m really curious about what people thought.

Bye nerds! Happy reading!! ♥

What Type Of Reader Are You? …with GIF’s

So, once again, I am suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. This is especially since I have had to write a history paper AND a letter for application I had to fill out. With those two combined, I’m honestly sick of writing. But, fortunately for you wonderful book nerds, I’ve decided to tough it out, grab a bowl of ice cream (with tons of caramel syrup. Thank God it’s a snow day tomorrow.), and write.

I’ve realized that there is a huge variety of readers out there in the world. Some of us are strictly one type of reader, and sometimes we all fit several categories. So, I did some research, and have discovered several different types. I then proceeded to make a list of ones that seem most common. Here, I matched the type of reader with a specific GIF that would most likely match that type. Enjoy!


#1- The Impassioned Reader:

tumblr_inline_mlbxw70bSk1rnvwt1  This is the type of reader that gets way too involved in what they read. I’m talking, whether their favorite character dies, or the capitol is overthrown by the rebels, this reader is hanging on for dear life, and is overdramatic about EVERYTHING. I guess we’re all kind of like this one.


#2- The Binge Reader:

Big-Bang-Theory-I-need-help The Binge Reader loves to read. Absolutely loves to read. This person reads for hours at a time, consuming book after book. They are the readers that stay up until 4 o’clock in the morning so they can “just get finished with this chapter.” This reader goes through 5 or six books in a week, and spends all the free time they have just finishing the next book.


#3- The Over-Emotional Reader:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-30992-1365390009-11 Ahh… you gotta love the over-emotional reader. They’re the type of reader that will call you up in the middle of the night. Why? Because they just need to talk about that book they just read. This is the type of reader that really only needs a good cry, so they probably pick some of the most heartbreaking books and then sob for hours.


#4- The “Know It All” Reader:

200_s This type of reader is probably the most annoying. They go through book after book and then flaunt every bit of knowledge they have. Most of the books they read are non-fiction. This is because knowledge is power to them.


#5- The Compulsive Buyer Reader:

rapunzel-books Bookstores love these readers. They go from store to store, taking books off of shelves, only reading the synopsis of one or two, and buying them. At the end of the day, they probably spend a hundred bucks on books. They’ll also known for judging books by their covers. If the book looks awesome enough, of course they’re going to buy it!


#6- The Hard To Please Reader:

tumblr_m7eq4t1nb31rziwwco1_1280 This is the reader that almost everyone hates. Why? Because all they do is complain. Don’t get me wrong. They love reading. Books are they’re life. But, when it comes to picking out a book, the bar is set extremely high. The books they read are never good enough. If, however, they finally find a book that reaches their standards, they turn into reader #3.


Now that I’ve gone over the list, maybe you should comment, below and let me know what type you are. I’ll have to confess, I’m a combination of  the first five. So, let me know what you think.


Happy reading!!


Gone Girl

Hey everyone! So, apparently school has taken over my life. Literally. Almost everyday I have an assignment to do that takes all day, or, if I don’t, I basically spend my evening doing nothing because sitting and doing nothing is rare in the life of  the nerdy book girl. So, it was amazing to actually get a full week off due to the weather, which means that I actually got a week to catch up on assignments, finish my history project, and finally return to reading books and writing book reviews.

Before I begin this review, I just want to say one thing: Gillian Flynn is a genius. The fact that someone could come up with a plot so intricate and full of crazy surprises actually thrills me. We need more authors like her.

This novel begins with Nick Dunne waking up on his fifth year anniversary. He’s dreading it, not just the day as a whole, but mostly one thing in particular: his wife’s annual treasure hunt. In these treasure hunts, she usually quizzes him on useless stuff about her that he has obviously failed to pay attention to throughout their relationship. So, typically, the day ends with both husband and wife getting frustrated. In order to avoid this catastrophe, he goes to the bar he owns, downs a few drinks, converses with his twin sister, then heads home. Where is his wife? Gone.

I’m going to have to stop there with the description because if I went any further, I’d have to spoil the book. Still, if you know how it ends, congratulations. I just hope you didn’t feel the pain that I did because I seriously did not expect the turn of events. (Yes, I do live under a rock, if that’s what you’re asking.) Despite the ending, however, and the enormous amount of pain that I had endured throughout the whole thing, I seriously loved this book. It was amazing, and if you’re a book nerd like me, those are hard to come by after you’ve read plenty of good books. Once your standards have been risen by other great books, it’s hard to find novels that actually fit the requirements of an actual good book. The awesome thing is: Gone Girl does that.

I can’t even find anything wrong with this book. That’s the problem I have. It was fast-paced, witty, and full of surprises. Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

If you have read this book, I’d love for you to comment below and tell me if you liked it. If you haven’t read it, DO. It definitely is NOT a waste of time.


Happy reading! 😉

Thursday’s Top Ten!! …National Junk Food Day??

On my Twitter account (Link: https://twitter.com/nerdybookgurl13  ), I saw this fantastic trend called “National Junk Food Day.” At first, I thought it was too good to be true and I did some research. I was astounded to find that this holiday with a highly intriguing name was a real holiday! So, on my first EVER “Thursday’s Top Ten List”, I will provide ten of my favorite junk foods. Even though I’m just a little bit late. (National Junk Food Day happened on July 21st this year.) This list will count down from 10 to 1, with 10 being my least favorite and 1 being my absolute all-time favorite. Here goes:


#10. Chocolate. I chose chocolate as item #10 because I’m not a huge fan of it. Only occasionally, (and not always on the obvious occasion), do I actually enjoy chocolate.

#9. Soda. Usually, I don’t drink soda, which is why this makes #9 on my list. I usually just drink lemonade.

#8. Chips. I actually feel bad for this one. Only because I LOVE potato chips. But, to me, there are so many better things out there.

#7. Onion Rings. Mom and I both have problems when we attempt (unsuccessfully) to resist the amazing onion rings from “Dairy Queen,” but as the item above, there are too many better foods…

#6. …like French Fries. Have y’all ever had the french fries from McDonald’s. I don’t go there often, but, when I do, I go just to order their fries…


I’ve made it to the top five!!! 😀


#5. Popcorn. Hand-cranked popcorn is what mom and I make at home whenever we can. It’s perfectly fluffy and salted to perfection.

#4. Brownies. Remember when I said I didn’t like chocolate? Well… when it’s mixed with even MORE sugar and baked, it makes a nice snack.

#3. Ice Cream. Though I don’t eat it often, it’s purely amazing.

#2. Curly Fries. Someone explain to me why these are so special…


*Drumroll please…*


#1 is….

DONUTS. Either iced, glazed, filled, or all three (yes, I said it), they are my all-time favorite junk food. Just don’t use chocolate icing! 😀


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